Takin throu han by Bill Johnston

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Its richt amazin foo e wither niver fails tae gie’s a topic o conversation, Spring, Summer, Autumn ar Winter e wither provides us aa wi somethin tae spik aboot. Noo it can either be ower het ar ower caul, ower weet ar ower dry, ower muckle sna aat’s blockin wir roads ar nae eneuch sna for e fouk fa like tae ging skiing, n so on n so forth. Weel noo, for mair than twintyfive ‘eers I’ve keepit a daily record o e wither – barometric pressure, temperature n of coorse e amount o rainfall, dinna ask mi fit wye A deet, A jist div, n ye ken, it is richt interaistin tae look back ower! Noo e month o April wis certainly a bittie oot o e ordinair – it wis, withoot a doot, a dry month, verra lackin in rainfall – e total amount aat fell here at Mossies wis jist 19.4mm. Fin A look back ower mi records A see aat e average rainfall figure for April, here in Udny, is 66.6mm! Nae muckle winner at e grun’s jist like stue n e girss gey slow in growein, ay, a fine droothie shoor wid dae a lot o gweed!

Of coorse haein said aat ye ken fit’s gyaun tae happen? In fac as A look oot o mi winda here as A screeve es wirdies wid ye believe it, bit e rain is on! Ah weel A’m sure thing’s wull aa sproot noo – weeds included of coorse!

Seein it wis sic a fine day on Monday, the Mey day holiday, e Wife n me gid intil Aiberdeen n pickit up mi sister Betty n took her oot for a wee bit o a drive. For a chynge A crossed the aal Brig o Dee n heided oot e Sooth Deeside road, whitin bonnie aathin wis espeeshully e different shades o green o e new leaves burstin fae e trees. Up throu Strachan then ontil Finzean, the pronunciations o es twa places his aye caased great problems tae incomers tae e North-east which of coorse his aye provided great mirth n hilarity tae us residents!

At Finzean A took e roadie up intil e Forest o Birse, a nerra, twistin ane bit verra pleasant tae meander alang, needless tae say A stoppit a twa three times tae look at n tae harkin til e birdies. Noo es road only gings sae far then ye hiv tae turn tae cam back, in fac it gings as far as e Forest o Birse Kirk, a bonnie wee kirk aat sits jist aside e burn caaed e Water o Feugh.

Ye ken, A wid gang as far as tae say aat es placie is nae far short o bein paradise, the wee kirkie on e hillside wi tall trees ahin’t, e soun o e trickling waater, n at e front lookin ower e moorlands aat clim up til e rolllin hills. A place o peace n quaet n perfect solitude.

E kirk door isna lockit, indeed aabidy is welcome tae ging in, n there y’ll find a braw example o a wee cwintry kirk wi its widden pews, a sma fleer-level pulpit complete wi Bible, n becis there’s nae electricity a sma pedal - powered organ. Noo than, ye wid expect in a placie like es, awa in e back o beyond, aat it wid hae suffered at e hands o vandals. Weel A’m richt pleased tae say, n A sincerely hope A’m nae temptin fate b sayin it, bit nae vandal his bin near es place, this wis, n is a great pleasure tae see. A believe aat Services are still held in es Kirk a fyow times ilka ‘eer, ay, it wid be richt interaistin tae be there sometime fin es happens.