Takin throu han By Bill Johnston

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Noo mi freens, aul Mossies here alang wi his better haaf are baith doolsome craiters jist noo – sadly, in a space o jist ten days w lost twa o wir verra special n weel-loved pets.

George, oor blin goose, teuk up his abode wi us mair than thirty ‘eer ago n fan w retired frae e Post Office n meeved here tae Mossies, George meeved wi us. He settled in jist fine in his new surroundins jist as he did fan he first arrived at Udny PO aa that ‘eers ago. He kent his wye aroon n he ruled e reest in e hen hoose! In fac, George wis faamous in mony pairts becis ower e ‘eers his picter n his story his featured in some o mi slide programmes n presentations.

Ah weel than, on Tuesday evening at aboot nine o the clock, A gid tae bed e hens, ducks n o coorse George, es wis fan A fun oot aat George wis missin. Baith o’s spint aboot twa ‘oors lookin for him, bit sadly nae luck. For e rest o aat wik A maun hae waakit miles roon e parks n throu e moss n e plantation. A eyven got permission frae Sandy Milton tae waak e tramlines throu his parks, bit again nae a sign nor sicht o him.

There is a bit o a mystery aboot fit wye he managed tae wanner awa, he wisna able tae flee becis he wis gyaun throu a moult. A ken e gate o e run wis open es wis tae lat e hens n ducks n him oot ontil e girss, es wis daen maist days. If a fox ar a badger hid taen him, A’m sheer A wid hiv seen some signs – efter aa, a goose isna sma! He certainly is a miss efter bein pairt o wir faimily for mair than thirty ‘eers!

Oor sadness wis fair compounded on Friday mornin – the 8th o July – fin w fun aat oor pet cat, Basil, hid bin killed doon on e main road. Noo onybidy fa his veesited us here at Mossies wid mair than likely hae met Basil –he wis ane o e freenliest cats we’ve iver hid. Eyven fowk fa didna like cats cwidna help bit likin him - he wis big, black n hairy.

Noo w only hid him for aboot fower ‘eer, w got him frae e Cat Protection League fin he wis aboot sax ‘eer aul, so e peer craiter wis jist ten fin he wis killed. He certainly got intil baith oor herts n A’m nae ashamed tae say aat it wisna jist Sheila aat shed a tear ar twa aat Friday mornin! Fit a miss he is, the hoose seems teem withoot him – ivery time A ging intil e livin room A expect tae see him streekit oot alang e back o the sofa. Mony a time fin A wis wirkin in mi study, Basil wid cam in n loup ontil mi knee n leuk intil mi face as muckle’s tae say ‘dinna waste time wi aat – A’m here noo’. Ay, as A’ve said, whit a sair miss he his been!

Ae sma grain o comfort – A ken A’ve bin able tae beery Basil doon in front o e hoose – A wid hiv likit tae hiv bin able beery George asweel bit then he wis a wild beast so he has maybe jist gaen the wye aat Mither Naitur intended him tae gang. Twa special pets indeed!