Takin throu han By Bill Johnston

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

As A’ve said mony times afore oor wither is aye a gran topic o conversation n nane mairsae than it is jist noo! It’s bin richt queer es winter harkenin on e wireless n seein on e TV aboot maist o e cwintry jist aboot comin til a stan – still becis o sna!? Weel, as w aa ken, aa roon aboot es airt w hiv tae say aat e sna his bin in gey short supply – michty there hisna bin aneuch for mi tae ski doon e faamous Mossies ski – run! Fit w hiv hid tho’ his bin frost, ay, a richt hard n penetratin grun frost, try n pit yer spaad intil e grun jist noo n e impact it’ll dirl aa e wey up yer airm.

Spikkin aboot diggin wi yer spaad – es past wik there’s bin anafa lot o diggin goin on in ane o e parks here at Mossies, hooiver es diggin hisna bin daen b a lad weildin a spaad!? Noo es is e park aat wis in set-a-side for a lang, lang time bit wis pit back intae production aboot twa ‘eer syne. Noo A dinna ken if it wis becis it steed in set-a-side for mair than ten ‘eers or fit, bit there wis anafa weet bit rennin doon e middle, e hale width o’t. Es wis e line o e main drain n it wis it aat wis bein dug up. Hooiver, as A’ve said e diggin wisna bein daen b a lad wi a spaad – it stairted wi a lad wi a tractor/digger then in cam a wheeled excavator n it did a bittie mair. Bit then e neist thing A kent there wis a great big tracted excavator bein cairted up e road n intil e park. Weel noo, the ither day here, bein a nosey kyn o a craiter, A teuk a walkie ower e park jist tae see fit they waur tryin tae dae? Weel b the looks o things they waur haein a fair tyauve, es muckle excavator wis howkin doon throu rock, they maun hae bin doon seiven or aucht fit! Noo A hiv tae say A niver thocht aat park drains wis pit sae far doon as aat bit then A sippose wi e wecht o fairm machinery nooadays they wid hae tae be pit weel doon. A weel than, there’s nae doot aat e days o e lad wi his spaad are jist aboot aa by wi noo!

On Fiersday nicht here, at wis e 9th, A wis inveeted up tae Alford tae spik til e WRI there. Noo if ye myn aat wis an afa nicht o fog n so becis o this A decided aat A wid mak an early stairt, A’m richt pleased aat A did!

Michty it wis richt coorse drivin, it teuk mi e best pairt o haaf-an-‘oor tae get tae Auldmeldrum – normally es jist taks aboot ten meenits ! Ay, nae maitter foo weel ye think ye ken a road fin aathin’s shrouded in a dense, thick mist it’s afa easy tae tyne yer bearins. Efter Auldmeldrum A’m sorry tae say it didna get ony better bit eventually w fun wirsels makin oor wey throu e capital o e Garioch ower e brig n up throu e Port. Noo wi e street lichts o Inverurie ye wis hardly awaar aat there wis ony fog bit then heidin up e road tae Kemnay it wis back intilt again. Efter Kemnay e slow crawl conteenit, passed e aul Tollhoose at Monymusk then ontil Tillyfourie. Ye ken efter w got til e junction at Tillyfourie n ontil e Alford road e fog began tae lessen, on w dirled n w seen fun wirsels in e toon o Alford. The only ither tyauve w hid wis findin a parkin space aat e Public Hall bit a space wis fun n so wi aboot five meenits tae spare A got mi projector set up n A seen wis on mi feet spikkin til a gran aadience o verra appreciative Alford WRI members.