Takin throu han By Bill Johnston

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Its bin richt amazin jist foo weel oor fairmer freens hiv aa managed tae get on wi the hairstin es past wik ar so, ay, conseederin foo coorse e wither his bin, there’s nae doot they’ve daen gey weel!

A can report asweeel aat A’ve feenished wi my hairstin – A’ve taen up aa mi tatties – n they waur a richt waste o time! Fit a disaster they waur es ‘eer, a richt peer crap A hid! Nae maitter they’re aa githered up n e grun’s aa dug ower, neist ‘eer A dinna think A’ll plunt ony tatties ava, insteed A’ll fill e hale plot wi peas, they’re sipposed tae dae e grun some gweed!? Noo ane o e problems aat es bittie o grun his is aat there’s wireworm in’t.

So is there ony gairdeners oot there fa cwid tell mi foo tae get rid o the little deevilicks? Whit a sotter they mak o yer tatties!

Weel noo, the ither day here A freen o oor’s chappit on wir door, he hid in his han a copy o e Scottish Fairmer wikly newspaper frae aboot e beginnin o Aagist n as he handed it ower he said aat he thocht aat A wid be interaisted in e article aat he hid it opened at?

It wis indeed a maist interaistin wee story – e picter aat e heid o e page showed a 1950’s Fordson Major tractor drivin b means o a belt an aal barn mull which hid bin mounted on a fower-wheeled cairt.

A picter frae e past A hear ye aa say, bit na, na, es picter hid bin taen earlier es ‘eer on e Isle o Benbecula showin e crafter fowk busy threshin last ‘eer’s corn crap. Bit fit made it richt interaistin wis e fac aat the barn mull hid bin made b E. Edmond n Son frae here in Udny awa back in e 40’s ar e 50’s! Ay, nae bad for a mull made fifty, saxty ‘eer syn!

Noo A’m sheer aat maist fowk reading mi screevins wull myn fa Eddie Edmond wis bit jist in case n for e benefit o onybidy fa hisna heard o him – he wis an Udny business man, a millwricht b trade n a gentleman b naitur.

Eddie hid ae great passion – fitba – which he played as a young man. Bit he’ll aye b mynded as bein e foundin faither o e Formartine United fitba team, wir team aat’s daein sae weel nooadays in e Highland League.

A ken aat mony fowk wull hae lots o memories n stories aboot an extremely animated Eddie stannin at e pitch-side urgin his team on. There’s ae wee story aat A’ll aye myn aboot Eddie Edmond n fitba. Es parteeclar ‘eer the female o a pair o Skirlin Wullies hid decided tae lay her eggs on e centre-spot o e Formartine pitch. Jist afore e match got stairted Eddie pickit up e three eggs n keepit them warm in his bonnet, efter e game wis feenished he then placed e eggs back on e centre-spot. Aboot three wiks later Eddie cam rennin intil wir Post Office wi a smile on his face, “Twa o mi eggs hiv hatchit oot” he proudly announced tae aabidy present! Ay, happy memories indeed!