Takin throu han By Bill Johnston

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

The ither wik here, ay, it wid hae bin aboot e first wik o e New ‘eer, A wis haein a readie o e P&J as A enjoyed mi cuppie o coffee n a digeestive, fin A jist aboot chokit m’sel? Nae on mi biscuit, bit on es heidline in e political page – “MPs want salaries raised to £86k”. Efter A hid pickit m’sel up aff e fleer, appearandly an “independent survey” reckons 69% o MPs thocht they waur underpaid gettin £65,738 per ‘eer! Peer craiters! So fit did e think they shud be gettin? E Tories thocht they shud hae aboot £96,000, e Lib Dems thocht £78,000 wid dae n e Labour billies wid b contentit wi £77,000. Es wid wirk oot tae be roon aboot a 32% increase! N of coorse they wid still b gettin aa their expinses on tap o es asweel!!

Ye ken A wid fain say aat they waur bein a thochtie greedy kyn – a lot o fowk, peensioners included, hiv tae b content wi a rise o only roon aboot e inflation rate, n thoosans o wirkers are nae getting ony pey rises ava es ‘eer! So fit e hairile wye div MPs think they shud get aa es bit mair than onybidy else? Weel ae peer lad complained aat they are foriver bein speired for raffle donations n siclike, n he gid on tae say “we spend money on things which cannot be claimed back”!

Aa that A can say tae aat is weel, weel an laddie, welcome tae life n dinna b sae greedy!

A’ve jist bin re-readin Buchan Words and Ways b Alexander Fenton, A dinna ken foo mony times A’ve read es beukie bit nae maitter foo mony times it is A aye enjoy it. Bit sadly last ‘eer e North-east hid tae say fareweel tae its Author Professor Emeritus Alexander Fenton CBE faun he died on 9th May. He aye described himsel as a Buchan loon, brocht up in Aiberdeenshire. His faither wis a soutar asweel as bein a crafter. He gid tae e primary skweel in Auchterless then tae Turra Academy n efter that ontil Aiberdeen University. Sandy wis tae become a distinguished academic and ethnologist wi a great knowledge o Scottish country and fairmin life. A lot o es knowledge he pit intil the mony beuks he screeved, a laistin memorial for us aa o es grand man.

As A screeve es wirdies e wither is agin makkin e heidlines. A drappie sna his faan in London, an e Nation his cam til a stanstill! Fit A div see on e TV is aat maist o e fowk fa hiv es great big fower b fower’s hivna e foggiest noshun as tae the richt wye tae drive them amon e sna. Ay, A think they wid get on better if they waur left at hame.

Spikkin aboot e wither, last ‘eer wis ane A think w wid aa like tae forget, espeesully e weet. For mony ‘eers noo A’ve keepit wither records, espeesully e amounts o rain aat faas ivery day. Noo last December wis e weetest aat A’ve iver recorded wi 204.8mm. (jist ower 8 inches), ess made e total rainfall for e ‘eer 1052.2mm. (jist ower 42 inches). Hooiver ess is nae e weetest ‘eer becis back in 2002 the total amount o rain wis 1161.6mm. (aboot 46.5 inches).

Ye ken, if we can aa manage tae keep oor heids abeen e waater maybe oor so-caaed hard up MPs cud dae e same!?