Talking paper goes digital!

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A SPOKESWOMAN for Ellon Talking Newspaper has confirmed to the Times that the service will now be going digital.

Elizabeth Cameron, who co-ordinates the Talking Newsspaper, told the Times that, thanks to new funding, the group can afford to move into the digital era.

Elizabeth said: “Casette recordings will be replaced by USB memory sticks. There will be no difference in the method of distribution - what will be different, is that each recipient will be given a sound box, free of charge, which will replay the memory stick.”

The group has been awarded grants from the National Lottery, Ellon Rotary Club, and - most recently - by Ellon Probus Club. As well as the soundboxes and memory sticks, the group has had to purchase recording equipment for the new system.

Elizabeth added: “Shortly, committee members will be contacting recipients to arrange delivery of the soundbox and demonstrate its use. We have direct telephone numbers for most clients, but some appear to be ex-directory and if we cannot make contact, some people might not get their sound box. Please let us know by contacting either 01358 720130 or 01651 806965.”