Tarves mum’s charity effort

Kimberley hopes her fundraising will provide cancer patients withn therapy.
Kimberley hopes her fundraising will provide cancer patients withn therapy.
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An Aberdeenshire woman is on course to raise over two thousand pounds for charity - by shaving off her hair in support of the local provision of a cancer therapy.

Kimberley Milne, a single parent of two from Tarves, decided to raise money for the Aberdeen-based Camphill Wellbeing Trust, in order to help support the charity in providing mistletoe therapy for patients with cancer.

Mistletoe can be used for a variety of cancers as part of an extended and integrative approach to care, with many patients claiming an improved quality of life.

As this treatment is not routinely available on the NHS, the Trust relies on donations and fund-raising to continue to provide it to as many patients as possible.

Kimberley’s mother Helen has cancer and has been receiving Mistletoe therapy at the Camphill Wellbeing Trust for several months.

Kimberley said: “I’ve watched mum struggle with cancer over the past five years, so I decided to try and do something more to help.

“It was actually mum who came up with the idea of shaving her head for charity. However, I felt I couldn’t let her do that so I decided that I’d be the one to shave my head instead.”

Speaking in advance of her daughter’s fundraising bid, Helen, also from Tarves, described the benefits she had experienced from being able to take advantage of the therapy.

She said: “My general wellbeing has significantly improved, and I have much more energy to enjoy life, particularly with my grandchildren.”

Kimberley is having her head shaved otomorrow (Friday). Anyone wanting to help her fundraising efforts can do so by visiting www.virginmoneygiving.com/KIMBERLEYBRIDGETMILNE

Mistletoe is a UK-wide initiative that has been founded by patients and friends, with the support of health professionals and medical charity Camphill Wellbeing Trust.

Its aim is to build awareness of mistletoe therapy, promote research into the therapy and fundraise to support its development.