Taylor Swift’s influence - but over whom?

Can it really be that Taylor Swift, the pop singer, has been named as one of the most powerful women in the world?

While I have the greatest regard for her music, I simply cannot get my head round the fact she is ranked as powerful influence, especially in world affairs, and if this is so, just who exactly is she exerting her power over.

She certainly has no influence on what happens in the Nixon household where even I have difficulty in having a say on any serious matter.

For your further delectation I note than Angela Merkel tops the Forbes Power Woman List for the fifth year running which I fully understand. I can even live with the Queen coming 41st on the list, though just why escapes me.

So while I have no strong feelings about Ms Swift’s status in world matters, I would have grave reservations with a western society which appears to be obsessed with celebrity status, particularly among young people.

When I hear seven and eight-year-olds saying their stated objective in life is to be famous, whatever being famous means, I just squirm with embarrassment, not for them but the parents who seem to think this is an acceptable outcome.

Worse still is when teachers of our primary pupils encourage such talk, even building it into the learning outcomes of their students.

Whatever happened to wishing to be a doctor, or a train driver as was the case among my primary peers of the 1940’s?

Even politicians were deemed to be positions of some standing, but only to be achieved when your were much, much older, unlike 2015 when you only have to be the age to vote to win a seat in parliament, or so it seems to me.

In truth, positions of authority are no longer desirable among the young, leading in my opinion to the erosion of respect for teachers, bankers, lawyers, policemen, and a whole swathe of jobs that we once aspired to in a society which actually knew its place in the great scheme of things.

So while Ms Swift is in 64th place on the rich and famous list, she is most unlikely to have any impact on our lives here in Aberdeenshire.

I just wonder when our First Minister will take her place on the list?

Finally, for all of you soccer fans who mourn the passing of the already over long season, can I suggest you Dons supporters in particular raise your targets for next season instead of happily settling for second place in the SPL.

It was never, after all, the way of Alex Ferguson to settle for second best.