Thainstone House to debut lager for Homecoming

Crerar Hotel Group, who own the Thainstone House Hotel, Inverurie, has tapped into the Scottish beer trade with the launch of its debut lager in the lead up to Homecoming 2014.

Brewed by Belhaven Best in the fertile lands of East Lothian, Crerar’s ‘Heart & Soul’ lager is distinctly Scottish in its production and ingredients, and will be available throughout Crerar’s 12 hotels in time for Christmas.

Chief Executive Paddy Crerar said ‘Heart & Soul’, which takes its name from the company’s motto, will offer customers the chance to experience a lager brewed in Scotland by one of the country’s oldest breweries.

“When guests stay at a Crerar Hotel, we want to give them a taste of Scotland, something they can’t get at home; a reason to travel and to stay with us,” Mr Crerar said.

Brewed with Scottish barley, ‘Heart & Soul’ has a pleasant biscuit aroma with a lightly malty flavor for a clean, crisp refreshing pint.

‘Heart & Soul’ draught lager is exclusive to Crerar Hotels and available only on tap.