The King rocks the Probus

Elvis was born in a town about the size of Ellon
Elvis was born in a town about the size of Ellon

Ellon Probus president Alan Cameron welcomed fellow member Ken McDade to talk about the King and I.

The first clue to the subject was Ken sporting a magnificent and most fetching bouffant 50s hairdo much envied by the greying members of the audience.

It transpired that Ken was a big fan of Elvis Presley and had been on a memorable tour in the Southern States.

Elvis was born in 1935 in Tupelo, a small town about the size of Ellon, where he learned to play guitar aged 10.

In 1948 the family moved to Memphis where they lived in a council house.

Elvis loved music and learned his craft playing locally with friends. Ken visited the Sun Records studio where Elvis got his first big break recording That’s all right Momma

Memphis is a fun town and Ken had a great time, particularly in Beal Street where he met Priscilla Presley in BB King’s Club. However, the highlight was Graceland - a huge tourist attraction.

The King bought it in the late 50s for about £100,000 and it’s packed with fascinating memorabilia, particularly the Lansky show suits.

Ken was less impressed with the Jungle Room, however he loved the pink Cadillacs on show and a couple of hefty four engine private jets with the TCB logo...Taking Care of Business.

Ken concluded with a few Elvis facts.

Gordon Benton thanked him for a fun-filled talk to the Elvis generation. Viva Las Vegas!