Them Beatles

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AN ELLON audience was left thoroughly entertained last Saturday after a performance by tribute band Them Beatles at the New Inn, in aid of GlenYthan Badminton Club.

The band - who played at the venue last year - performed a selection of hits from the much loved band. Other causes benefiting from the concert include the Alan Middleton Trust, Pages and Inspire.

Spokesman for GlenYthan Eddie Middleton told the Times: “In the past two years GlenYthan have hosted several of these events and have raised over £2500 profits which were donated to Inspire, Pages Group and Alan Middleton Trust in Ellon.

This year GlenYthan are intending to send 4 of its members to the Scottish Badminton Coach Training School in Largs to become qualified youth badminton coaches and open up a Junior Badminton Club in Ellon.”

All pictures: Andy McLean.