Theraputic talk for Ellon Rotarians

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Some interesting facts and some sound advice were given to a very appreciative audience of Ellon Rotary Club members last week by physiotherapist Terri Brown.

She emphasised that physiotherapy aims to encourage and support the return to normal following illness, surgery, disease or trauma, using hands-on treatment, electrotherapy, advice and exercises. Terri then explained that the main reasons for seeing a physiotherapist were what are called muskuloskeletal disorders (MSKD), namely muscle injury, neck/back pain, joint aches and pains, and postural problems. MSKD disorders are particularly relevant to work-related illnesses: a recent annual report quotes 9.3 million work days lost in a year at a cost to society of £7.4 billion.

In Terri’s experience the majority of patients that she sees have posture problems, which have an effect on every major muscle group in the body and posture is the key to many MSKD disorders. She summarised the basic techniques for dealing with posture problems and also the common problems of back pain, joint aches and muscular injury/pain. Advice should be sought for injury or illness affecting joints, muscles or the neurological system and when aches and pains do not settle within about two weeks.

In his vote of thanks Rotarian Fred Watson said that it was clear from the many questions at the end of the talk that not only did members find the topic of great interest but they also identified with some of the problems mentioned.