‘This means war!’

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MEMBERS of a north-east wargaming society are seeking new members, after hosting a special open day exhibition at Meldrum Town Hall last week.

The Oldmeldrum Wargames Group was formerly centred around the Peterhead area but has since moved its centre of gravity to Oldmeldrum. The group’s activities include recreating historical battles and fighting them through scale models on recreated battlefields. Models on display at the Open Day included representations of the battles of Mons Graupius, Cruden Bay, and Flodden, as well as depictions of more modern conflicts such as the ‘Toyota War’ fought between Libya and Chad.

Spokesman Alistar Massey said that the group was actively seeking new members, and that current members came from a range of different backgrounds.

“We recreate battles from all eras of history,” he said. “Anyone is welcome to join us!”

The group meet weekly on a Tuesday, 7pm to 11pm at the Royal British Legion, Market Square, Oldmeldrum. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Alistair on 01651 873056, or find out more at http://oldmeldrumwargamesgroup.com.