Three osprey chicks born at Lochter


Three osprey chicks have recently hatched at Lochter Activity Centre, near Oldmeldrum.

The first chick hatched on Monday, May 26, with the second arriving the day after and the third was born another two days later. Hatching in fantastic weather means the chicks have the best possible chance of survival Buzzards have invaded the nest in the last two years when one chick was snatched in 2012 and another two were taken last year.

However one of the chicks was returned last year after the buzzard found it too heavy to carry. The nest boasts a full HD 1080p nestcam feeding live images of the next and chicks straight into the restuarant.

One visitor said ‘this is the best reality TV I have ever seen!’ The staff and visitors will cast an eye over the progress of the chicks over the next few weeks.