Tidy up our park!

One of the areas of Gordon Park that Mr Miller has raised concerns about
One of the areas of Gordon Park that Mr Miller has raised concerns about

An Ardallie resident has contacted the Times after voicing his concern over the appearance of Ellon’s Gordon Park.

On a recent walk round the park Bruce Miller noted that some patches of grass had been left uncut and there is a large amount of dandelions.

He added: “We met a lady from Bruce Crescent and she too is very upset at the unkempt appearance of the park and it is a matter of disappointment raised by many of the visitors.” Mr Miller has written to Ellon & District councillor, Gillian Owen, in the hope that the park can be tidied up.

He also sent across the photo shown here and said: “This is only one of the areas left in a wild state, with tens of thousands of dandelions which have already given off millions of seeds to surrounding areas and gardens.

“There are, as you will see, magnificent specimens also of dock weeds as well as other varieties.

“I, and many other park users, and no doubt surrounding gardeners will be most grateful if you could induce the Parks Department to put the park back into the neat area we have enjoyed for so many years.”

However a spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council says the park has been left like this for good reason.

The spokesperson said: “In the maintenance of our grassy areas across Aberdeenshire we have to consider bio-diversity and the positive contribution that wild flowers and long grasses have in promoting native wildlife as well as bees and other pollinators.

“Dandelions provide some of the first ‘food’ for bees in the springtime and as such are an invaluable resource for our pollinators.”