Time to extend bridge/bypass debate

Not for the first time our local councillors have, at least in my opinion, got it wrong in opting for a new bridge in a bid to ease traffic congestion in Ellon.

Voting out the proposal to have a southern bypass was in my book a mistake the town may have to live with long after our current crop of councillors have gone. Putting more heavy traffic past our new academy scarcely makes sense.

Scotia Homes who are set to build 980 new homes at Cromleybank rightly argue that 80% of the public polled at their recent consultation were in favour of a bypass. So much for local democracy, but then we have been here before, and no doubt will be again.

History will reflect badly on the decision, taken in the face of road users having to face the hazards of heavy traffic on the road out of Ellon towards Aberdeen.

I don’t always take the side of developers, but on this occasion I believe Scotia called it right, and were not surprisingly “shocked” by the decision.

Whether it is too late to go back on the outcome remains to be seen, though I would say on behalf of the generally apathetic Ellon public that it would be good to have an extended debate on the issue, perhaps led by our docile local community council who once again seem to have been posted missing.

Wasting public money is not clever, but for once I would support any action to bring back the issue to the debating table, and who knows our misguided councillors might just see their way to taking another more thoughtful view of the scheme.

Perhaps the same councillors will take a different stance when it comes to be discussed at the masterplan stage, scheduled to come before the council in the near future.

Scotia were also right to refer to the disruption constructing a bridge would cause, brought home to roost on a much smaller scale over the last two weeks with diverted traffic in the town coming to a standstill because of Station Road being closed.

Worse still, not only was a vital local link closed to traffic, but the powers that be then went on to compound the felony by putting a four-way traffic light system in near the Meadows, creating more misery for the already under siege bus and taxi drivers.

Equally frustrated must be any visitors who dare to venture within the town, leaving them to ponder as to just what kind of people run Ellon.

Goodness knows what the town will look like in 20 years from now, especially as we keep building more and more houses will little or no concern for local amenities, far less creating local jobs for our youngsters.