Tools for Self Reliance 2012 collection

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The collection of tools for the charity Tools for Self Reliance, by the Rotary Club of Ellon has been taking place every year for over 10 years. Saturday 31 brought the 2012 collection to a close and once again Ellon and the surrounding area has come forward with an outstanding amount of very useful tools.

Sewing machines, peddle, hand operated and electrical have again been generously donated along with hand tools of every description. Some very interesting conversations took place about the collection point as very unfamiliar tools were handed in, some very old butterfly drills were donated, one could still make out the blows of the blacksmiths hammer from their creation.

All the collected items will be taken to the Rudolf Steiner School in Aberdeen later in April where they will be refurbished, made up into tool kits for all trades and sent on to Ghana, Malawi, Siera Leone, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia. If you have missed the collection call 01358 789333 before mid April and they might be able to accept your donation. The Rotary Club organiser Ian Morris stated “Once again another fantastic collection, overwhelming, thanks to everybody who made a donation large or small.”