Top award for Methlick donor

Bob Wallis with LP George Adam
Bob Wallis with LP George Adam

North-east blood donors gathered at an awards ceremony recently with an Ellon man receiving the highest recognition.

Bob Wallis from Methlick has donated 350 times and was presented with his award from the Lord Provost Peter Stephen.

Top Awardee Bob Wallis with Ellon Donors

Top Awardee Bob Wallis with Ellon Donors

Another ten Ellon blood donors were honoured at the ceremony held at The Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen.

Bob has donated 355 whole blood, plasma and platelet units.

His first donation was back in the 1970s as a teenager while staying in Hong Kong.

He said: “My mother was ill and needed a transfusion and they didn’t have her blood type in stock.”

By the 1980s Bob came back to the UK and settled down in the North-east.

His blood type and naturally high platelet count meant he was also an ideal candidate to donate platelets.

Ever since he has been visiting the Aberdeen Donor Centre approximately once a month.

He added: “Knowing the constant, urgent need for whole blood and platelet donations and their benefit to emergency admissions, cancer patients and premature babies, I’m delighted to be in a position to help the most vulnerable in their time of need.”

Another local resident receiving an award was Jackie Humphreys.

Jackie said: “I was walking past the Kirk Centre one day and saw the blood bus parked outside, I knew that it was something that I really should do.

“From that first visit, I noticed how great the staff were and decided that I would like to work with the SNBTS.

“Shortly after I joined the blood collection team – at that point I thought it was just talking to donors and making tea!

“Twenty years and 75 donations later I still work for SNBTS as a donor carer.”

Deputy Head of Donor Services Manager, Lynne Willdigg said, “This year, 11 donors attended our ceremony from Ellon.

“Their contribution equates to an incredible 1,050 donations between them to date.

“Many donors will have taken years, perhaps decades, to achieve this, and it is our honour to present them with their awards as a token of our appreciation for their dedication.”

To register as a blood donor or find out where your nearest donation session is, call 0845 90 90 999, text ‘blood’ to 61611 or visit