Town’s shortage of fire fighters

ELLON Fire Station currently cannot field one of its engines due to a personnel shortage, the Times can reveal.

Speaking to the Times, fireman Neil Beedie said that the station had faced a chronic shortage for a number of on-call firefighters during the day.

He said: “We are currently down to 15, and we would usually have 21. We’ve been advertising, and we’ve got one person looking to join. That means that sometimes, during the day, we can only use one of our two appliances.”

Figures from Ellon Fire Station indicate that, of the 140 incidents Ellon Fire Station responded to between January and November, 58 of them occurred between the hours of 8am and 5pm - the times at which the station have the most difficulty arranging cover.

Anyone interested in being a fireman in Ellon should be in good physical health, live in the town, and be available 24/7. Contact Donna Cocker on 01224 788686 or visit and complete an application.