A90 safety barrier concerns raised

Cllr Richard Thomson has raised concerns over the lack of safety barrier on this stretch of the new A90
Cllr Richard Thomson has raised concerns over the lack of safety barrier on this stretch of the new A90

A local councillor has urged the firms behind the new Balmedie to Tipperty dual carriageway to act after concerns were raised over the lack of a crucial safety barrier.

Ellon & District councillor Richard Thomson, who lives in Foveran, said the consortium needed to “act now to prevent a catastrophic accident”.

Local residents had raised concerns about the consequences if a vehicle were to come off the northbound carriageway of the new A90 and into the path of vehicles travelling on the old A90, which now serves as a link to Foveran village and the B9000 Newburgh-Pitmedden road.

The new dual carriageway is only separated from the old road by a steep embankment and a post and wire fence.

At their closest, the two roads are barely more than 20 meters apart from eachother.

Cllr Thomson said: “This is a fantastic piece of road which will transform the communities that it serves. However, I could hardly believe it when I saw where the northbound crash barrier for this stretch of road was being terminated after it crossed over the A975.

“All that separates the new A90 from the old A90 at their closest point is a post and wire fence.

“It’s really easy to see how a vehicle could come off the new road and plunge down the embankment causing a head-on collision.

“Even if both vehicles were travelling at their respective speed limits of 70 mph and 40 mph, that could give a ‘closing’ speed of 110 mph or more. The consequences of a collision like that would be devastating for everyone concerned.

“All it would take to mitigate the risk is a few extra yards of crash barrier on the northbound carriageway of the new road.

“I very much hope that this is what will be done without further delay.”

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said that all of the appropriate design standards and guidance had been followed in developing the project and additional barriers were not considered necessary.

“As with all trunk roads, prior to opening the road to traffic, a fully independent road safety audit will be undertaken and any necessary recommendations will be implemented,” they added.