BEAR Scotland’s ‘Sir Andy Flurry’, Gritallica’ and ‘Ready, Spready, GO’ gritters get set to tackle wintery conditions!

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With cold and wintry conditions forecast for the North East, BEAR Scotland are at the ready with their aptly named gritters.

A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland said: “Our winter spreaders will be carrying out salt treatments, patrolling and monitoring our routes across the north east and north west of Scotland throughout today and overnight to help tackle the expected cold temperatures.

“Our 24/7 control room will ensure our teams respond to any changes in conditions quickly.

“We advise checking Traffic Scotland and local radio for updates in their area.”

The BEAR Scotland winter spreaders were named as part of a competition at the Road Expo Scotland show which took place at the end of last year.

Follow this link to keep up to date with live tracking of gritters, salt treatments and gritter numbers on the trunk road network –