CPO paves way for Kintore Station progress

The news that plans for a new railway station in 
Kintore can make progress following confusion over land ownership has been widely welcomed.

Aberdeenshire Council had hit a snag securing the land required for the new facility, while most of the land is under the ownership of a willing seller, the council had been unable to find an owner for part of the 
land required.

Therefore a decision was taken at a full council meeting last Thursday, (January 22), to issue a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to obtain the land and allow work to continue.

East Garioch Green councillor Martin Ford welcomed the decision in order to acquire the land at Northern Road, Kintore, needed for the new station.

Cllr Martin Ford said, “The prospect of compulsory purchase always raises the issue of the balance between individual ownership rights and the needs of the community as a whole. So I always think very hard before supporting the use of compulsory purchase. I would generally want to avoid it, and have the Council proceed by agreement.

“In this case, a compulsory purchase order is necessary. For a station to be built, the Council must have the land for which no owner can be found, and the compulsory purchase process is the way to secure it. Clearly, whoever does own this land is deriving no benefit from it, while the land is needed for essential public infrastructure.

“For the remaining land, under the control of a willing seller, I understand sale by agreement is very likely. So the compulsory purchase order should not cause any disadvantage to the owners of this land either.

“The acquiring of the land for the station does however bring forward the prospect of an important public transport improvement that will benefit the whole community.”

Aberdeenshire West MSP Dennis Robertson also welcomed the decision saying, “It is fantastic news for people living in Kintore and the surrounding areas that the new station is another step closer to becoming a reality.

“Kintore is an attractive place to live and a railway station will allow residents more choice when travelling to work or further afield.

“Work is well underway to deliver this project and I look forward to being able to take the train from all the way from Kintore to Edinburgh.”