Short overnight closures on A90

Transport Scotland
Transport Scotland

The A90 at Tipperty is expected to be closed for brief periods of time over the weekend.

Depending on weather conditions, the project contractor aims to close the road for 15 minutes every hour between 11pm on Sunday (December 3) and 6am on Monday (December 4) for surfacing works.

These works will be undertaken where the new diversion at Tipperty connects with the existing A90.

It is anticipated that these temporary ‘stop-stop’ closures, so called because traffic in both directions will come to a complete halt, will take place when traffic flows are at their lowest.

The contractor is also expected to carry out a ‘stop-stop’ closure on the A90 at Blackdog for around 15 minutes between 00:01am and 6:00am on Saturday, December 2. These works are also subject to weather conditions.

This short, temporary closure will enable an overhead cable to be safely lowered and removed from across the A90.

The trunk road, which will be operating under a contraflow before and after the ‘stop-stop’, will re-open immediately after these works have been completed.

The ‘stop-stop’ at Blackdog is in addition to the contraflow already planned for this weekend which will be in place from around 8pm on Friday (December 1) until 6am on Monday (December 4).

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “It will be necessary for the contractor to close the A90 at Tipperty and Blackdog for short periods of time this weekend, subject to weather conditions.

“Anyone planning to use the A90 at Tipperty or Blackdog this weekend should build in the possibility of a short delay to their journey so that they can reach their destination on time.

“We would like to encourage all road users to observe all road signage to enhance their safety, as well as the safety of others.

“We would also like to thank road users for their continued patience and support during the construction of this major infrastructure project.”