Barriers in place at Craigie to prevent accidents

A new barrier has been installed in a bid to prevent a serious accident following a number of driving incidents at Craigie, near Foveran.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 7:00 am
Councillor Gillian Owen beside the barriers put in place at the T-junction.

The remodelling of the road to accommodate the AWPR has meant the creation of a T-junction – but it appears drivers seem unaware of this despite there being six directional signs or warnings of a Give Way junction. A number of cars have ended up in the field opposite the Stop sign.

Cllr Gillian Owen said: “A resident spoke with me and provided photos and videos some of which were really scary. He asked for action and even provided suggestions on how this could be addressed.

Cllr Owen took this evidence to a council official who told her that on the basis the accidents were happening at night, it appeared drivers got the impression that the road continued straight ahead beyond the junction.

With this in mind, some red/white plastic water filled barriers have been placed on the verge across from the junction.

Cllr Owen said: “As you can see, this gives a visual deterrent, and as the barriers are plastic and filled with water, they will not cause any major damage to vehicles if they do overshoot the junction.”

“Since the barriers have been installed the number of vehicles that have overshot the junction has reduced which is positive, but in some respects it’s sad that this type of measure has had to be installed when you consider the number of signs in place from coming off the AWPR enroute to Craigie.”​​​​​​​