Ellon councillor calls for action to cut speed on A948

Councillor Gillian Owen wants to see drivers curb their speed
Councillor Gillian Owen wants to see drivers curb their speed

An Ellon and District councillor has yet again raised her concerns about speeding on the A948.

In September Gillian Owen challenged Aberdeenshire Council’s speed figures saying that 4 per cent of traffic users going over the 60 mph limit was unacceptable.

She recently met with Council Officers, Police Officers and a local resident to see if something could be done to encourage drivers to reduce their speed.

Cllr Owen said: “I have long had concerns about the speeding traffic on this road.

“The Council have yet to be convinced that there is an issue so I would urge anyone that sees drivers acting excessively either in terms of speed or dangerous manoeuvres, they should contact the Police on 101.

“The more data that the Police have on poor driving the more it helps our case.”

“We met at the Brewdog end of Knockothie Crescent, even whilst standing there we could see motorists taking unnecessary risks.

“I have asked that the Police provide me with any statistics that they may have and even though a Council Officer has stated that they are not going to put any further speed signs on the A948 I have asked that they re-consider, and undertake a full study of the road.”

Gillian added: “I have also enlisted the help of NE MSP Ross Thomson, he put down a written question to the Transport Minister.

“There appears to be some difference of view between the Council and the Minister and I have asked the Council Officer for his view on this.”