Ellon's Hospital Road speeding woes continue

An Ellon councillor has spoken of her disappointment to see the results of the local Police speed survey of the notorious Hospital Road in Ellon show 54 per cent of the vehicles using the road were speeding.

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 12:00 am
Cllr Gillian Owen and resident Gary Thomson have continuously raised the issue of speeding on Hospital Road.

There have been continued incidents of speeding on the road which show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Now a new speed survey indicates that the speeding in Hospital Road has become much worse.

It shows that 64.73 per cent of the vehicles using the road exceeding the limit and the average speed was around 37mph.

In March this year, Councillor Gillian Owen arranged a virtual meeting with Road Officers at Aberdeenshire Council and resident Gary Thomson to discuss the way forward and to come up with a plan.

At the time, a speed survey carried out by Aberdeenshire Council at the request of the local Police indicated that more than half (54 per cent) of the vehicles using Hospital Road in the town were speeding.

Councillor Owen said: “Vehicle activated speed display traffic detection equipment was installed between May 7 and 13 and the survey results are horrifying, it is difficult to understand why any driver would want to travel on Hospital Road at 67mph.

“I was greatly concerned with the last speed survey when the highest speed was 61 mph, but 67mph is totally unacceptable.

“The other issue we discussed was the flashing signs either side of the crossing not working, the signs were fixed but that didn’t last for long and the Council has assured me they will be replacing them as soon as they can.”

Cllr Owen continued: “To give some assurance to the residents of Hospital Road, these results have been shared with Police Scotland and I will be pressing them to initiate action.

"The 37mph figure is above the Council’s intervention level, they will now further assess the location and determine what the next steps will be and I will be asking for urgent action.”

She concluded: “The survey results are stark, and I know in and around the Ellon and District Wards there are roads where drivers appear to blatantly ignore the speed limit which are there to keep us all safe.

“Please remember there’s no excuse for speeding.”