Jardine seeks action on train overcrowding

Inverurie Station
Inverurie Station

North-East Liberal Democrat Christine Jardine has called for action to be taken to tackle overcrowding in trains on the Aberdeen to Inverness line.

She recently described the situation on the service as becoming intolerable for passengers and has called for more action to be taken from the train operator.

Ms Jardine is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Holyrood elections which will take place next year.

She also recently announced her plans to write to SNP Transport Minister Derek McKay to ask him to give the issue some much needed attention.

Ms Jardine said: “It’s simply not good enough that people are expected to travel long distances on trains which are patently insufficient for the number of passengers who use them regularly.

“A general upgrading of the rail services in the North East is long overdue and this problem is symptomatic of the neglect many of us feel.”

She added: “Some customers have felt so strongly about this that they have not only approached politicians like myself about the issue but have been posting photographs of the conditions on Facebook.

“I am writing to the operator to ask for a meeting and an urgent examination of what can be done to alleviate overcrowding on these services.

“Hopefully it is something they will also be keen to see ended.”