Passenger numbers continue to rise at Inverurie Station

Inverurie Railway Station
Inverurie Railway Station

A monitoring report published by Nestrans, the transport partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire has highlighted the continued growth in passengers using Inverurie Railway Station.

The news follows the announcement in April that £170 million would be invested in the Aberdeen – Inverness line over the next five years by the Scottish Government.

The recently published Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) Monitoring Report highlights that passenger numbers using the station has increased by a massive 254 per cent since 2004/05.

Dyce Station has also seen a continued rise, up 182 per cent in the same period of time. The reeports staes that “Growth in rail patronage in the North-east continues to outstrip growth across Scotland as a whole with almost double the growth since 2004/05.”

Nestrans Chair, Aberdeenshire Councillor Peter Argyle, “Nestrans regularly monitors its indicators to ensure that the RTS targets are met. This year’s results show the positive progress taking place with our partners. This is great news, but we mustn’t get complacent and we continue to aim to improve in the next few years.”

The full monitoring report can be viewed here