Road improvement work nears completion

A major maintenance programme to improve the condition of Aberdeenshire’s roads this summer is nearing completion.

The public are thanked for their patience while roads teams carry out vital work to keep traffic on the network moving.

Aberdeenshire Council continuously ranks in the top five of all 32 councils in the annual Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey.

Each year the Council approves an annual programme consisting of a combination of essential reactive repair work.

The programme’s main emphasis is on prevention and the council will have surface dressed in excess of 200km of roads this summer, double the Scottish average.

The road network is an extremely important asset for Aberdeenshire – in the current financial year, the Council will spend in excess of £23million managing and maintaining it.

This includes the maintenance of roads, bridges and street lighting, including £2.7million on patching and “pothole” repairs, £5.9million on surface dressing and a further £6.1million on road resurfacing.

This includes a proportion of an additional £2million allocated to road maintenance over the next two financial years, in direct response to the damage caused by exceptional weather last winter.

The surface dressing programme is now nearing completion and the Council would like to thank motorists, cyclists and motorcyclists for their continued patience and support whilst this vital work is carried out.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services, Philip McKay, said: “Unfortunately, the unavoidable consequence of carrying out this work is that it cannot be done without causing some inconvenience to the public.

“The nature of the work is weather dependant and this means the majority of it has to be done during the summer months.

“There is inevitably some disruption whilst this work is in progress and the Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Peter Argyle, said: “While it is sometimes inconvenient, road improvements are necessary to ensure communities, towns and Aberdeenshire as a whole have a road network which is fit for purpose.”