Travellers project seeks understanding

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A COMMUNITY project aimed at bridging the gap between Traveller and non-Traveller populations opened on Monday at the Ythan Centre.

The ‘What a Voice!’ project aims to bring together the two populations by giving the settled community a better understanding of Traveller cultural traditions.

Speaking to the Times, research officer Beth Cadger - who is originally from Ellon - said that it was hoped that the project would help to bring down the barriers between the two populations.

“Young Travellers people were involved in putting together the project, which gives the settled community a bit more information about the background of Scotland’s Travelling people, their way of life, and the challenges they face,” she said. It aims to highlight the contributions Travellers have made in Scotland.”

Proposals to build a new halting site in Ellon for Travelling people have met with a mixed response from the local population. A number of travelling encampments in the town have left thousands of pounds worth of damage in previous years, with proposals going before Formartine Area Committee. Though organisers said that they would have their work cut out tackling hostility in the local population, they were hopeful that tolerance could be achieved.

“We have to start somewhere,” said Beth.