Trio get in the picture at the Acorn Centre

Alan, Paul and Richard pictured on a photography expedition to the West Coast last month.
Alan, Paul and Richard pictured on a photography expedition to the West Coast last month.

Exhibiting at the Acorn Centre Gallery during July are local photographers Alan Harrow, Richard Schofield and Paul Douglas.

Alan, Richard and Paul say that they have been behind the camera for more years than they care to admit, but having collaborated previously (in pairs), they have come together for the first time to exhibit several pieces of their work at Inverurie’s Acorn Centre.

All three have been mentored by nationally recognised photographer Andy Hall, and have shared similar experiences in learning the art of photography. Andy’s motto of “If it disnae sing, ditch it” is very much taken to heart by the three who each are very different in their approach.

Richard, a respected Aberdeen Visions Photography Club member spends countless hours both photographing and editing and is something of a whizz with Adobe Photoshop and produces stunning works of art which have great potential in the commercial field.

Alan, in his own words, is much more of a “landscape man” and is happiest out on the hills or by a fast flowing stream, trying to slow himself down and feel one with nature.

Paul has predominantly been a business and press photographer for the last four years with interest in local sport and events and enjoys “capturing the moment” so is always on the lookout for picture opportunities whether it be on a DSLR, a compact or just the iPhone in his pocket.

Despite each having differing styles and areas of interest the “three amigos” have brought together some images which individually they feel “do sing”, to themselves at least.

Alan said, “We have spoken for a while about coming together knowing that we all have different styles and hopefully the exhibition features a wide range of works which will appeal to differing tastes.”

The photographs are on show until the end of July. If you are interested in exhibiting please contact gallery co-ordinator, Liz Young via