Trump lashes out at Glenfiddich

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TRUMP International Scotland have pledged to never do business with the owners of Glenfiddach whisky, after anti-Trump campaigner Michael Forbes was voted ‘Top Scot’ in the whisky’s prestigious annual award ceremony.

Mr Forbes took the award after an online campaign to garner support for his nomination.

In an angrily worded press-release, Donald Trump called for a boycott of owners William Grant and sons and their products, vowing that no Trump property would ever do business with the company.

Mr Trump said: “To think that a product like Glenfiddich would recognise a man like Michael Forbes, who lives in a property which I have accurately described as a total pigsty; a man who loves the attention he has gotten because of his so-called fight with Donald Trump, would receive an award over someone like Andy Murray, a Scottish Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Glenfiddich should be ashamed of themselves for granting this award to Forbes.

“Glenfiddich is upset that we created our own single malt whisky using another distillery, which offers far greater products. People at our clubs do not ask for Glenfiddich, and I make a pledge that no Trump property will ever do business with Glenfiddich or William Grant & Sons. I hereby call for a boycott on drinking Glenfiddich products because there is no way a result such as this could have been made by the Scottish people. It is an insult to both Andy Murray and Scotland itself.”