Trumpled under foot: protesters stage demo at links

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

A group of demonstrators descended on Trump International Golf Links yesterday to protest against the US presidential candidate.

RISE Scotland, a left-wing campaign group, picketed the course as a reaction to comments made by Mr Trump during his run for the presidency.

A RISE spokesperson said: “Donald Trump is currently one of the world’s most prominent racists.”

They added: “We aim today to disrupt, however briefly, Trump’s ability to generate profit in Scotland that will then be spent on his campaign of racist demonisation and scapegoating in the US.”

A Trump International Golf Links spokesperson said: “A handful of unkempt, ineffective, so-called ‘protestors’ arrived at reception, photographed themselves and were promptly escorted off the property by the police within twenty minutes.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said that the police were called to the golf links because of the protesters around 3:15 pm but there was no criminality involved.

Mr Trump has come under widespread criticism in recent weeks for stating that he would call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US and for calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and drug dealers.