Udny Green writers launch charity book

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AN UDNY-BASED writing group is gearing up to launch their third recipe book for charity at His Majesty’s Theatre on Monday, August 22.

The ‘Life of Pie’ is written by members of ‘Write on the Green’, who meet weekly at the Jamie Fleeman cottage in Udny Green as part of their creative writing course hosted by the Tolquhon ArtGallery. The 16 members of the group - who come from a range of diverse backgrounds including teachers, artists, a humanist celebrant, a vet and an HR manager - each contribute a piece of creative writing which doubles as a recipe.

The book is the third publication the group have produced, with previous offers including ‘Fun With Spinach’ and ‘The Handsome Chip’.

group tutor and newspaper columnist Roddy Phillips said: “The writers’ workshop ‘Write on the Green’ is the best idea I never had.

“When my wife Catriona said she wanted to join a local writer’s workshop I said ‘good luck with that’ not realising that she had me in mind to run it. However, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”

Wife Catriona Millar, who is illustrating the book and takes part in the classes, added: “Life of Pie is the wonderful fruit of a unique writer’s workshop, and seeing this remarkable book come together at such a high standard is a pleasure I will never forget.”

Danny Ross, who owns Tolquhon Art Gallery and helps co-ordinate the class, told the Times that he was looking forward to seeing the group’s output published.

“It’s been entirely created by the students themselves, and each story/recipe will have it’s own illustration,” he said. “Catriona is a well known artist, and her style is quite unusual, so I’m looking forward to seeing her interpretation of the students’ pieces.

“I haven’t read the book yet, but I will be attending the launch on August 22 and am looking forward to it. As far as I know, the proceeds from sales of the book will be going to local charities, which I presume the students will decide on when they come back in September.”

The creative writing classes are one of ten classes hosted by the gallery in Udny Green.