Unconventional visitor surprises Ellon police

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ELLON Police Station hosted a highly unusual visitor last week, after a snake mysteriously slithered into the building.

The creature, a corn snake, arrived on Thursday, and entered through the front door, much to the surprise of staff in the building.

Fortunately, the animals are not venomous. The reptile was picked up by Keith Marley, who runs The New Arc animal Sanctuary near Auchnagatt, who is holding onto the snake - now christened ‘Bobby’ - until such time as an owner can be identified.

Keith said that the sanctuary would hold onto the snake as long as neccessary until the owner could be identified.

“It’s the kind of story you really couldn’t make up,” he told the Times. “The headline for the story could be ‘cold blooded killer hands himself in!

“The snake in question is only young - maybe two weeks old - and is about a foot long. We’re not going to publish a photograph of the animal itself, as we would want the real owner to identify it.

“There’s a possibility that the owner hasn’t realised that he has escaped. If the owner is a breeder, he maybe hasn’t noticed that one of his snakes is missing.”

Corn snakes are native to the southern United States, and kill their prey - usually mice - through constriction. They make popular pets, given their generally docile nature and lack of a venomous bite.

Anyone who might be missing their snake should contact the New Arc on 0796 225 3867.