UNISON members call on MPs to support pay campaign

Colin Clark MP
Colin Clark MP

Members of Aberdeenshire UNISON have delivered postcards to a north east MP today calling on him to support a decent pay rise for public service workers, as part of UNISON’s Pay Up Now! Campaign.

As a result of a UNISON petition calling for decent pay for public service workers signed by over 140,000 people, a debate will be held in Westminster on Monday, December 4.

The postcards from constituents will demand that Gordon MP Colin Clark and his colleagues support the call.

Branch chair, Kate Ramsden, said: "We will be sending postcards to all Aberdeenshire MPs. Since they are all members of the Conservative party in power at Westminster, they are uniquely placed to use their influence to stand up for their constituents who deliver Aberdeenshire's essential services.

"For seven years now, with the Conservative party in government, our members have not had a pay rise. In each of those years, we either got no increase at all or saw our pay rise by just 1%. At the same time there have been steep rises in the cost of living which mean that our pay has actually been cut by around 15%.”

Kate added: “All our members are finding it really hard to make ends meet but it’s a disaster for our lowest paid, many of whom have had to rely on food banks to feed their families. A disgrace in this day and age in one of the richest countries in the world.

“We will be calling on Colin Clark to go back to his government and demand that they give public service workers a decent pay rise.”