Volunteer appeal for Ellon castle gardens

Ellon Community Council are seeking enthusiastic residents to volunteer in a tidy-up of Ellon Castle Gardens.

A similar tidy-up was held last month but the council are looking for more volunteers to take part in this month’s event.

At the end of May, residents will have the opportunity to help with the keeping of the gardens with a garden expert who will be on hand.

Any volunteers keen to help out with the important maintenance of the gardens should keep Friday, May 30 free in their diaries.

Volunteers will enjoy the rare opportunity to view the gardens and help with pruning and other remedial work while working with expert, Simon McPhun.

Thirty apple trees were pruned thanks to help from volunteers at last month’s event which have recently blossomed.

If you would like to help on the day please meet at the gates to the garden in Deer Park at 10am on Friday, May 30.

Email Stuart on stuart.wale@tiscali.co.uk for details.