Volunteers receive Provost’s award

An Ellon father and son were among 40 North-east volunteers to be included recently in the Provost’s annual awards.

Ron Beedie is Ellon fire station watch manager and son, Neil, is also a crew member.

Ron has received the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service and both father and son are credited with doing a tremendous job in responding to all types of emergencies and accidents.

They also demonstrate great enthusiasm and energy in participating in community events, including their own Blue Light Open Day in conjunction with local police.

The Ellon watch has raised nearly £10,000 for charity in their Christmas collection, and has received national recognition for its fund-raising efforts in the form of the Spirit of Fire Award.

Ron and Neil were nominated by Councillor Rob Merson.

Meanwhile, another local volunteer, Craig Tait, is about to finish helping his 50th learner at Ellon Library, where he is described as being a great asset.

He was nominated by Jacqueline Geekie, information, literacy and learning librarian.