Wake up to the eyesores around Ellon

Here we are almost half way through February and yet to have a decent fall of snow. Long may it continue says you, even if it denies our youngsters the fun of sledging and snowballing.

The lack of the white stuff will of course be welcomed by Aberdeenshire Council who will have budgeted for another winter of snow clearing and road gritting, and will now have the bonus of a surplus of cash in hand.

But before they earmark the money for whatever projects, can I suggest that at least some of the money be spent on maintaining, and repairing the pathways around Ellon, some of which are badly in need of attention.

In particular, the walkway which comes from Auchterellon across and down the old Buchan railway is nothing less than a disgraceful quagmire.

Sadly, no one from the council seems to monitor this well used route, but for us users, many of them children whom we should be pleased are deciding to use Shank’s pony to get to school. It must be so galling to have spruced up your shoes, only to have your work ruined by the appalling mess on the path.

The shame of it is that Ellon Community Council seems to have lost its voice on such matters, obsessing itself with attacking the travelling folk, while pretending they have a real say in the bigger picture of local politics.

To them I would say, get yourselves out and about and look at the many eyesores in the town, followed by some action.

Not least at the site of the old Craighall Garage which continues to offend the eye. Have you no civic pride?

Talking of pride, I am delighted to see that Aberdeen Football Club has become a force in the national sport, reaching a final before going on to give Glasgow Celtic a football lesson in their own back garden. Too early to be talking about a new era, though Derek McInnes has done wonders in the short time he has been at the club.

For those of you who think sport does not matter, I would say you are totally wrong. The feel good factor in the city and the districts was almost tangible over the week.

We can only hope that the Dons go on to finish the job and bring back two cups to Pittodrie. Time alone will tell.

Mind you, despite the popularity of the beautiful game, I am not sure the BBC was justified putting on a match at peak viewing time last Friday. We surely get enough in the other six days of the week, though I know some of you will think otherwise.

I also believe that showing two teams from the lower divisions was scarcely likely to attract a big audience. It’s my opinion, however, that where the BBC has got it right is in giving us extended coverage of the Winter Olympics. Simply great stuff, though how Russia can afford, or justify spending 31 billion dollars on hosting them is another thing. Talk about trying to buy your status in the world.