Wax for cash!

IN ELLON, three S3 Academy pupils volunteered to have their legs waxed for Comic Relief, in what can only be described as a ‘hair-raising’ experience for the spectators involved.

Ross Purdie, Stewart Morrison and Grant Jamieson agreed to undergo the treatment after Grant suggested the idea.

“We’ve raised £500 so far from friends, family and teachers,” he told the Times, adding bravely, “I’m looking forward to it!”

The waxing was done by beautician Lesley Juczuzak, who donated £49 worth of sponsorship, and a £20 voucher for treatment to the others who had sponsored the boys.

The young men all accepted their fate, though Mssrs Purdie and Morrison did quite a lot of screaming. ‘Farmer Jamieson’, meanwhile, took his punishment on the chin, screaming very little, and with only severe twitching to demonstrate the extreme pain he was enduring.

Subsequent to the event, the boys have announced that they have raised in excess of £700, which will go towards a range of international good causes.