Westminster expenses firmly back in the spotlight

When the Daily Telegraph revealed in 2009 the unacceptable fact that a number our Westminster MP’s were fiddling their expenses, we were understandably shocked, but once the dust had settled, and justice meted out, we all thought that’s it.

The idea that it would happen again seemed but a distant thought. It will never happen again, or so we thought.

And yet here we are again five years later faced with Maria Miller, an arrogant minister who actually seems to think she is above the law, worse she has the backing of her leader who just happens to be our Prime Minister.

There is course no way she can believe, however, that she has the support of the public she pertains to represent.

Normally I might give an offender the benefit of the doubt, she is after all a good minister, according to David Cameron.

But not above the law sir, despite your protestations. The lady is guilty of theft, which in my book means she has no right to represent us in such a vaunted position.

So while I am prepared to think she was probably misguided, I cannot never come to terms with her arrogant, determined efforts to pervert justice, or what passes for justice in the House of Commons. We were appalled in 2009, but believed it would be unlikely to happen again, but thanks to Maria Miller we are faced with a lady who not only has no shame, but is actually challenging those who dare to sit on judgment on her.

Why it is enough to make you think of voting yes on September 18 when at the stroke of a pen we Scots could be free of such nasty pieces of work like Mrs Millar.

I am more forgiving about the crass incompetence of the organisers of the Sheffield half marathon who neglected to order enough water for the runners in last Sunday’s event, leading to the postponement of the race, but causing no end of merriment among those participants who cheerfully decided to complete the course.

It could only happen in the UK where it seems to rain most days. So how then was it not possible to have sufficient water? Your guess is as good as mine.

Interestingly it was International Water Day just a couple of weeks ago when the organisers tried to draw our attention to the fact that an unbelievable 744 million people in the world do not have enough water to drink, but surely not in Sheffield?

No one is laughing at the recent goings on in the House of Commons where I suspect there are more MP’s than Maria Miller laughing behind their hands and our total inability to get them to face up to being decent human beings who live within the boundaries of the law.