Why did the touring Queen’s Baton Relay ignore Ellon?

The social standing of Ellon and the area was dealt another dunt last week when it was ignored by those who have organised the tour of the Commonwealth baton.

For a while the baton was in the Buchan area, including Mintlaw, the entourage then veered away from the area in a North westerly direction to Moray before heading on to its ultimate destination in Glasgow.

So why did then the Gateway to Buchan get by-passed?

I assume for the sake of argument that Aberdeenshire Council were consulted before then drawing up a short list of places to visit, which did not include Ellon.

If my assumption is correct why then didn’t we have a wailing and gnashing of teeth from our four councillors who must have known of the omission? In fairness I gather Councillor Gillian Owen did react, turning down an invitation to attend a social function associated with the event. Good on her is all I can say.

Less culpable were Ellon Community Council which seemed to be in the dark about the whole sad affair, and probably not consulted by Aberdeenshire officials who once again appear to think they are the bosses.

Granted it is not a matter of life and death, and nobody died as a result, but it does give you an insight to the high-handed manner in which our council runs our so called local democracy.

Had we a provost, I’ll bet Ellon would have seen the baton come through, as the first port of call would have been to contact the office of the said official from where he/she would have been at pains to let us lesser beings know what was going on.

Your reaction to my proposal of having an elected provost has been interesting, though no one seems to want to go into print, even if you are happy to take me head on in the street.

The consensus from those I have spoken to seems to be yes let’s go for it as long as it is not a political position, which was never my intention. The post with its back-up staff member - it need only be one, should be of essence a head of social affairs and functions, including overseeing the visit of the Commonwealth baton for example.

The private reaction from two Aberdeenshire officials I chatted to was fascinating. Their concerns lay in ensuring the provost was under the control of Aberdeenshire Council. “We can’t have people doing their own thing,” was the off the record comment of one.

All I can say is Ellon was denied an opportunity to showcase itself - if indeed proof were required that the rapidly growing town does not matter in the great scale of community development.

If that is the case it is a very sad state of affairs, and must be addressed, but by whom? Who speaks for Ellon?