Wind farm public exhibition

A PUBLIC exhibition for the Proposed Yowlie Wind Farm development will take place on Saturday 3 December at the Ythanbank Village Hall.

Yowlie Energy Ltd - a company backed by a group of four local farming families - is seeking to develop four wind turbines 86.5m high on land around Ardlethan. The scheme is to be 100% owned and financed by the farming families from Douglashead (Dent), Upper Ardlethan (Davidson, Knockothie Farms), Milton of Ardlethan (Davidson N) and Little Ythsie (Henderson).

A spokesperson for project agent Green Cat Renewables said that the farmers were keen to support the local area, and that if it went ahead, the scheme would make a ‘substantial’ annual financial input to local causes.

The ‘drop-in’ event, which runs from 12 noon until 4pm, will present the completed technical assessments and give the public the chance to access general information about the project.