Winter warning!

A  gritter in action on Aberdeenshire roads.
A gritter in action on Aberdeenshire roads.

The clocks go back this Sunday and Scots are being urged to take the extra hour to prepare for winter.

A campaign has been launched as a reminder that severe weather can strike at any time and of the importance of taking steps to be ready.

During the last four years, parts of Scotland have been badly affected by severe weather – from high winds and blizzards that swept the country last February, to the snow and freezing temperatures of previous winters.

The Ready for Winter campaign sets out the simple steps that can be taken in the home, before a journey (whether driving, cycling or on foot), at work and in communities.

It also encourages people to look out for others, especially the more vulnerable, when bad weather strikes.

Launching the campaign, Transport and Veterans Minister Keith Brown said: “While we can’t stop the weather causing disruption, we can be well prepared to deal with it.

“Our winter preparedness campaign reminds us of this and the simple actions we can all take to prepare ourselves.

“With the clocks changing next week, the campaign calls on everyone to use the extra hour to get ready in the home, before a journey, at our place of work and in our communities.

“This will serve us well not just throughout the winter months, but all year round and in a range of emergency situations.”