With Inspector John McCluskey of Grampian Police

ALREADY in January, two male drivers have been served with ASBO warnings due to the manner of their driving in Ellon. Both drivers now run the risk of losing their car and being reported to the Procurator Fiscal should they be reported in similar circumstances again in the next two years. Antisocial driving is continually reported to us through community councils and from local residents, we will continue to tackle drivers whose behaviour on the roads falls below acceptable standards.

On or about 13 January 2013, someone has spray painted a car and driveway in the Woodlands Edge area of Ellon. This has caused damage and it has undoubtedly upset the victims - this kind of antisocial behaviour is not acceptable and if you know who is responsible, please contact us.

Between January 14 and 17, a house near Tillymaud, Udny was broken into with a quantity of electrical goods and alcohol missing, a car would probably have been used in this crime due to the location.

Overnight from the 17th into the 18th of January, a quantity of copper piping was stolen from a building site in Tarves, again a car would probably have been used in this crime. I would again ask householders to be vigilant when unknown vehicles are seen near neighbours houses, particularly in rural areas. If you have information, contact us on 0845 600-5-700.