Yoshe completes her 640km unicycle trip

Yoshe Watson completes her unicycle trip from Amsterdam to Paris
Yoshe Watson completes her unicycle trip from Amsterdam to Paris

“An unusual summer,” is how one Ellon student will be describing her university break to fellow classmates.

Yoshe Watson has completed her unicycle ride from Amsterdam to Paris while raising funds for the stillbirth charity, SANDS.

Yoshe, 20, who grew up in Ellon, moved to Northampton last year to start her music degree at the university.

The student told The Times that she found the trip “really tough.”

Yoshe said: “It took 10 days to do the 643km. I cycled for around 12-14 hours a day. It was pretty full on.”

The target was to raise £1000 but she is thrilled to have raised over £1050 at this point.

The charity is very special to Yoshe.

She added: “I lost my little sister a few years ago and the SANDS charity really helped us as a family.

“To have reached over the target is really fantastic. It’s great to be able to give help back the charity.”

The idea for the trip came about after a joke with some friends and before Yoshe had even tried a unicycle.

She said: “Me and my friends were in the pub, joking about it and then I decided to give it a go. I hadn’t been on one before. I got the unicycle about four months before the trip.”

Support from family and friends over the phone and Internet helped the student make it through each day of her fundraiser.

Yoshe added: “Everyone rallied around me. I called my parents and boyfriend everyday, which helped me keep going, and I posted how I was doing on Facebook everyday with pictures.

“Everyone was amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them.

“I’m very relieved to have it done now. It was difficult when everything was aching, blistering and bruising.”

The trip started at the red light district in Amsterdam, went through the Netherlands then into North France then ended at the Eiffel Tower.

Another unicycle trip is not on the cards just yet for Yoshe as she plans to focus on her degree for the time being.

She said: “Who knows what’s next though!”