Ythan Fiddlers rate Canada trip a big success

Ythan Fiddlers and the Cape Breton Fiddlers at a joint concert in the Gaelic College, Cape Breton.
Ythan Fiddlers and the Cape Breton Fiddlers at a joint concert in the Gaelic College, Cape Breton.

The Ythan Fiddlers have just returned from a highly-successful trip to Canada.

During the busy visit to Nova Scotia, the group played at concerts, ceilidhs, an old folks’ home and also took in some sight-seeing.

Travelling via Iceland, while waiting for their connecting flight, the players entertained waiting passengers to some traditional Scottish music.

The Fiddlers arrived first in Halifax where they entertained their Canadian hosts with a concert and dance in Christchurch.

This was followed by a whale-watching trip and some local sight-seeing.

The Fiddlers then drove north to Cape Breton admiring the Nova Scotia landscape on the way which was very similar to Scotland, except warmer.

The group stayed in the Gaelic College in Cape Breton and took part in some of the music workshops.

They visited the nearby town of Baddeck and thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Alexander Graham Bell museum.

The Fiddlers then played concerts at Waycocomagh and the College, where they performed a joint concert with the Cape Breton Fiddlers.

The group were always keen to play and while going to initially watch a concert, were given the opportunity to play at a major Scottish music event in Broad Cove where they entertained the waiting audience.

While in Baddeck the fiddlers also received a call asking them to play at an old folks’ home in the town and were delighted to be able to oblige.

Musical director Trish Gill said: “This visit not only provided the opportunity to learn some new tunes and experience playing in front of new audiences, but gave the Fiddlers the chance to learn about the similarities and differences that exist between Cape Breton and Scotland as regards music, dance and fiddling.

“The trip was a fantastic experience and was thoroughly enjoyed by us all.”

Mrs Gill added that they were grateful to the local community and sponsors for their continued support.

The group had mounted a major fund-raising drive to meet the costs of the trip to Canada.

The Fiddlers will reach a milestone next year when they mark their 30th anniversary.

The annual rally at Haddo House is expected to be the highlight of the celebration.