A bad day for Scottish Rugby

AMONG the thousands of North-east rugby supporters who made their way to Murrayfield last weekend for the Scotland vs Wales match were a dedicated group of Ellon devotees of the game. It was a disappointing day out after all the hype promoted by the Scottish media, after the promising performance against France the previous week.

A 24-6 defeat was not in the script for coach Andy Robinson.

But long time Scotland supporter Johnny Inglis formerly of Peebles, but now living near Ellon, was not taken in by the false dawn of Paris.

“Scotland did not win in Paris, surrendering possession too easily, even if they scored three tries to give a better gloss on the defeat,” said Mr Inglis.

He added: “The defeat by Wales was embarrassing, verging on suicidal, if you are a real fanatic, as opposed to a realist. In 57 years of going to Murrayfield, I have learnt to live with the fact we are a million miles from being a world force in the game, but it was, nevertheless a set back.”

Scotland will now have to brace itself for the possibility of a wooden spoon clash with Italy next month in Edinburgh.

“We have been there before, so it’s not a new experience,” said Mr Inglis who now believes England will go on to win the Six Nations title, but not necessarily the Grand Slam.

“There is a lot of rugby to be played before March 20,” he wisely cautioned, but added: “I’ll be at the Meadows on Saturday for the Ellon vs Livingston game which will be our first game in months at home. A win would be good for morale, and wash away the bad taste of Scotland’s last two games. In the end of the day it’s the grass roots of the game which is of the utmost importance.”

Ellon will be in good heart, having trained well in recent weeks, notwithstanding poor results on the road, ending all hopes of promotion from National League 1 and run in the National Shield.

“All we can do now is end the season on a high by winning our eight games at home,” said head coach Mike Avis.