A case for change

ONCE again we have reached that time of year when inclement weather is forcing organisations to address the problems of playing sport outside.

So this being the case why has nothing changed in the local or even the national sporting world?

Soccer and rugby is still played in the winter, but subject to postponements when there is hard frost, snow, ice and no end of rain, still the biggest threat to outside games.

The case for the professional teams going ahead regardless of the weather, eg Aberdeen F.C who with their sophisticated under soil heating.

No problem there, even if road conditions don’t always allow for supporters to get to matches. But then when did the paying public ever matter.

There is even a case for junior clubs braving the elements to meet their league and cup games.

The game of rugby could also be reasonably expected to face up to the winter weather, though there is a lobby of thinking who believe handling skills in the sport would vastly improve if summer rugby was the norm.

Where there is no doubt about the case for summer sport it in the under 12 age group who should not be subject to standing around on cold, wind and rain lashed playing fields just to please coaches and in some cases parents.

Basic skills in both football and rugby will never develop if we continue to insist on such a misguided strategy. Just look at the growth of sport in other countries if you doubt the logic of the argument.

The only surprise is that the barbaric practice of playing, or for that matter practicing in the deepest months of winter continues.

One day we will have a sporting revolution in Scottish sport, but not until the diehards in the game are put out to seed. Certainly our youngsters deserve better.