Big fish on the go

At this time of the year we would normally have consigned the sink and intermediate lines along with the sink tips to the bottom of the tackle bag and kitted ourselves out with floating lines.

Similarily we would expect at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery that we would be using small wet flys, Buzzers and looking to dry flys to do to the task. However, with the temperatures being so low most of the activity has been nearer the bottom than the top, but with the consolation that contact has been made with the bigger fish and this week has produced no less than 18 anglers catching fish over the 5-6lb size and up to 10lbs. Next week’s forecast indicates similar conditions and we will continue to trawl the bottom into the forseeable future.

Best catches last week were: G Littler, Newmachar, 33 fish, (Black Dancer/Buzzers), A Gibson, Gardenstown, 25 fish, (Yellow Dancer/Orange Frits and Bloodworm), A Murray, Gardenstown, 17 fish, (Green/White Fritz), F Murray, Buckie, 11 fish, (Hares Ear), T Ankers, Fraserburgh, 9 fish, (Black Fritz), G Burton, Gardenstown, 9 fish, (Yeloow Dancer), R Rud, Ellon, 8 fish, (Various Lures), J Mackay, Macduff, 8 fish, (Blob).

The rainfall experienced over the past week has ensured a plentiful supply of fresh water and feed and the fish have been fighting very hard.